Yuma and all it's delights thus far...

This Post is to introduce my Bestie to the world in which I've lived since departing from the Ocean world of Eastern North Carolina. ..
So, here ya go, Bestie. I love ya and mIss ya OOOOODLES mucho.

Sandstorm Version 2.0
Sand taking over out Canals...
Sand E.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e.
Those are two different sand storm storms that came through. We've had at least three that I remember so far. It's kinda neat to see, but hurts when the sand enters your eyelid and various places. It's dark like a thunderstorm in North Carolina and the visibility is the same as a thunderstorm, too. It's hard to see in the pics, but you can SEE sand blowing...

The ZOO (Phoenix Zoo)
This fella was sitting next to the glass saying HI to everyone.
100 plus degrees + no Water = This.
My favorite shot of the day!

The local PUMPKIN PATCH...

It's true..no heart
Chris' Favorite.
This is SMART! Fit pumkin in hole, that's the price. NO GUESSING.
Can you Find me?
SO pretty.
Where are my dwarfs? I sick of doing dishes!

The Landscape of Yuma...
 Cacti & Cactus
BLUE skies
This should be an Element Ad.