Yuma Version 2.0

I was figuring the other post was getting insane in the pic department, so here is some more pics to describe my town...
The Balloon Festival Weekend...
Up, Up and Away..
Blowing them up..
They took over a baseball Diamond
The balloons lit at night..
Belle went nuts...
But she still pouts cause she misses you!
She can even lick her own nose!
But this is how she is normally...

The backyard...
Oh yeah..in the rain cause that's unusual here..
The Front yard In rain..
The Neighbor's retaining pond.... EEEP.
Backyard once it stopped raining...

And how about the local parks??
The slide has turned into a water slide.
The sidewalk is actually a walking path that loops through the park, only it's underwater here..

But with that comes this:

 Somewhere over the Rainbow...

and then Castle Dome Mountains .. Valentine's Day..

The desert turned GREEN from the rains..

Check out the view in my sunglasses..lol
We climbed it..see!!
How amazing is this naturescape?

Ok...I think I have you caught up now..Enjoy, Bestie!!! <3


ramo rambles said…
LOVE LOVE LOVE THE PICTURES!! Thanks for sharing them. You have some really cool things in Yuma, so glad you guys are happy there!