Laynie Wynn

Laynie Wynn has captured THOUSANDS of hearts across the United States.
She is one of Chris' Birthday babies.
our God-Daughter.
and Perfect.

{October 201}It's been MONTHS since I've seen our God-Daughter, Miss Laynie Wynn.
She's learned SO much in this short amount of time and overcoming those silly doctors' "guesses" about her.
Laynie is special. She was born with achondroplasia meaning a form of dwarfism. She's pocket-sized perfection if you ask me. Laynie is truly a miracle and present from God for her parents, family, friends, and most of all Us, as her GodParents. I know God has something AMAZING for her life and will use her in ways that we've never even thought of for her. 
Laynie's overcome surgery, therapy sessions, drama fits (well, she's working on those still..hehe), sleep studies, and many doctor visits and pulls out of them all with boundless smiles for everyone. We will be learning a lot from her, I can tell.
This is her latest picture we we Skype now and we NEED to visit so the Marine can finally meet her!
Momma's a Clemson junkie haha.