Del Mar Beach. Camp Pendleton, CA, USA.

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This has become my favorite beach. I have only been there twice, once in February 2006 and now once in March 2010. This time it was warm enough to swim in, but you’d be cold awful quickly, too.
I love how magnificent it seemed so early in the day. It was calm, peaceful, and energizing. The ocean was consistent in bringing surfable waves to shore, the birds chirping and having their meetings together, the crabs hanging out, and mussels enjoying the water splashing against them. It was nice. The sand is smooth, the shells are few between, and the crowds were not there. I loved that the most. I hate over crowded beaches, and while I have a feeling this one DOES get crowded quite fast in summer, it is perfect in spring.  I loved watching the pelicans glide over the waves so perfectly. I bet they have an amazing view.