A friday afternoon find

I had a busy Friday. I met the Commandant's (of the USMC) Wife, Mrs. Conway. She's a little pistol but amazing. She's truly an inspiration of what they're trying to accomplish in the Marine Corps as it pertains to families and Marine readiness with ongoing wars. They've changed most familiy programs around and added new people (FROs) to hand out information so that the wives and children left behind can function normally in an unnormal world. It's a VAST inprovement over the past eight years that I've seen of the USMC family lifestyle.
So, it was a fun informational meeting as the ladies discussed ideas about what needs to be changed aboard MCAS Yuma, what might we see in the future and what would we like to see. It was mostly medical issues since we do not actually have a Navy Hospital here, but alas most specialists are within a three hour drive east (Phoenix) or west (San Diego). We are truly blessed in that aspect.
Some ladies were complaining about the quality of air since this is a farming community, the pesticides and fires trigger asthma in her child. However, there are LOADS of places around town that do not burn crops/fields or use pesticides near homes. We happen to live in one such area. It's just sad that people think they're STUCK in regaurds of what they can do. I happen to think the air quality is AMAZING here. As soon as I stepped foot on Albert J. Ellis Airport (jville, nc) I was stuffy WITH a runny nose. Explain that one?!

Anyhow.. after the meeting I zoomed down to Sam's and got gas. I stopped in Joann's and picked up some clearance stickers for scrapbook supplies and then headed on over to goodwill. Goodwill has become my favorite place to shop recently. It's always loaded with amazing treasures and they're CHEAP and it's recycling. Chris and I have been searching for dining room chairs forever since we have Ikea plastic chairs that still work, but are most suitable for outdoor areas. And I came across two fabulous chairs. And in fabulous I mean sturdy, decently priced, and non-wobbly. This is the transformation I did to them:

From 1992  to 2010.

I love it and amazingly, so does Chris.


ramo rambles said…
chairs look fab! you little crafty homemaker!!