I made things today. I saw the idea on someone's blog, but I'll be darned if I can find it again. Anyhow. Enter Candy Jars..not just plain boring ones, but cute ones I don't mind hanging out and showing off my sweet tooth.
I grabbed three candle holders for 50% off at Good Will yesterday. (total spent $1.20)
Then I went to the 99 cents store and purchased three jars, but the third didn't work right, so it's elsewhere.
Then this morning after my job interview I sauntered into Walmart to pick up some gorilla glue to paste them together. 
While wandering I found a perfect candle holder that works on my third candlestick. (the one on the left!)

So, I glued them together and put some candies inside them and voila, pretty. I do have to admit that I had to purchase candy to put in them. I may have a sweet tooth, but lately it's been oreo 100 calories packs and granola bars to tide me over. 
With the jars I figure if I don't like them next year or even by Christmas, it costs less than five bucks for all three to be made. However, I DO love the left one. It's my favorite. but shhh, don't tell the others.