North Carolina

I've been back from NC longer than I was there. I just haven't brought myself to blog about the experience yet. It was fantastic, wonderful, and bittersweet to be back. It felt like I never left, as we did everyday tasks but now there was a baby involved. (and she's the most precious girl, EVER!!) I taught my Snugglebug, my Sesame, my signature move: sticking out the tongue. She copied me after I explained to her that she can do it, too. Daddy is now having talks with her that she can only stick her tongue out at ME! {But, with me being almost 3000 miles away, she needs to practice!}

North Carolina: what an adventure.
Work, Calling Hours/Funeral Viewing, Root Canal, 18th Birthday Celebration, El Zarape, Crazy Friends, Beach, Church, and Besties.