Loving It.

Rebeca Seitz is an amazing author. She captures the spirit of women in all of her books. Her love for scrapbooking, God, family, and friends shines throughout all her books and I just have to say; it's LOVE.
The first book that started my addiction: Sister's Ink. You meet the four sisters, their lives, personality quirks and trials along with the heartache they share as sisters.
In the second book, you'll pick up the sisters' lives as their relationships blossom and families grow.
During the third book, it really reminds all of us who God is and what He's capable of doing in our lives.
Coming Unglued was unexpected with it's twists and turns, but shows that we're all girls who are not perfect, but perfectly made.

Rebeca also wrote Prints Charming, but it is not a Sister's Ink Novel. It stands alone in it's creation as her first book.
It's a great easy read that follows on the same principles of the Sister's Ink novels without throwing life in your face. It's about love, choices, decisions: things the girls/ladies/women do every day.

It's a perfect collection for my shelves, heart, and mind.
I mean LOOK how cute those covers are!!
It's serious business right there.

Rebeca Seitz also runs Sister's Ink. It's a scrapbook community to link thousands of local scrapbookers together. How precious is that? She's done all the hard work for us. We no longer have to ask everyone we meet what their hobbies are, but I would still recommend it.

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TidyMom said…
These books look wonderful!

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