San Diego, Continued

I really love San Diego. I love the culture, the architecture, the weather/climate, the parks system, the ZOO, SeaWorld, the ocean, the museums. It’s amazing. It is the perfect city for families as there is always something going on and it’s normally nice enough year ‘round to do those somethings.


The pictures above are Balboa Park’s Botanical garden. I puffy heart their orchids. Every time I go, I take a million pictures of them in the hopes that one day I could grow orchids that beautiful and not kill them due to moving. (once retirement comes along!). The colors are stunning, vibrant and they smell like no other flower. They also have tons of the calla lilies and birds of paradise, two very unique and interesting flowers themselves. I laugh every time I see a bird of paradise! (it’s always the little things.)


Chris and I have agreed that someday we would like an apartment (gasp! I know, right?!) within walking distance of Balboa Park and downtown San Diego. We just love it that much.. Maybe that would change if we ever got stationed at Camp Pendleton/Miramar, but I don’t know.  I know the traffic is enough to drive a person insane on a slow day. There are people every where.

IMG_8858 IMG_8864

IMG_8867 IMG_8870

This is my favorite place inside Balboa park. It’s so interesting in fact I wrote a paper about it in my Recreation Facilities Planning & Design class. It’s a bit of heaven in an otherwise busy and crowded park. Inside this area you can see the highway and its business peeking through the trees, yet it’s so secluded from the rest of the park most people walk right by it. There is an eatery that you can see in the bottom picture, but most people still do not come down to this area to inspect it for themselves. There are places to sit built into the walls and arches, there is a fountain and pool with humanly acquainted mallard ducks, and green leaves, branches, foliage, every living thing is green. It’s amazing. If you’ve been to Balboa Park you know it slopes down and up in places. This place is near the top of a hilly area so while you’re looking out from it, you’re mainly looking down into palm trees, ferns, dirt, and other multiple species of green plant life. It was amazing to me that I remembered exactly where everything was in Balboa Park  when we’ve only been there once before FOUR years prior. (& I am HORRIBLE at direction!). Chris got a map and was looking at that while I was walking along saying “it’s over here.” I thought it was funny.



He was also doing this while I was walking… (taking San Diego Butt pictures!) something he also did four years ago, but we were at the Air Museum.


I also had a fascination with drinking fountains, regular fountains, and all sources of water displacement in the hour walk inside Balboa Park. I couldn’t help myself, look how precious.

This is the bird’s eye view of these pictures:

Map picture


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