So I have received NO phone calls recently from the interviews therefore I can only be happy to receive my second rejection letter today. Yes, it hurts. Rejection in any form hurts, but I have to trust that there is a purpose that I don't fulfill by having those jobs. And after reviewing my experience with the interview process, I do NOT want to do that again there, like ever. I have never felt so WHITE and discriminated against. I guess that is a good thing, taking me out of my comfort zone, but WOW just wow.  I cannot get a job because I am not bilingual, because I am white, because I don't have budget experience (outside of coursework), and I have had too many 'jobs' but no career. Thank You USMC.

At least I am where I am needed and wanted, but not making actual MONIES..and I know I am not alone in it.


Patricia said…
All will come in His time. Remember, you are greatly loved ALWAYS! Mom