To Paintball or not to Paintball, that is the question. The youth is going paintballing for THIRST on Saturday and Chris and I are invited as always, but neither of us have been before. Here's the catch: it's leaders versus youth.  
Does this look FUN to anyone? 
That looks like it'll hurt REALLY bad.
&& I cannot be in pain while visiting NC, I won't have it.

I prefer to do things like this:
Or even this:
or for the real daring:
Apparently as someone who has a degree in Recreation Management, I am whimping out on their ideas of recreation. I just prefer things that require LITTLE to no pain.
How about putt-putt golf?
Batting Cages?
Mountain Run?
Things that girls enjoy, too.
I think the girls go just to try it and hang out with the boys.