Easter Sunday

We had an eventful day. Church was amazing as always. It was a good message about how we can start fresh in life with Jesus by our side. It was an invitation without it being ‘churchy’. I liked how Pastor Bob  delivered the message.  It was certainly a day for celebration.  Toma Tomalo Toma Tomalo. (take, take take it all in Spanish). We sung that song as the last praise song to Jesus. It was very upbeat and happy and alive. I felt God dancing along with our praises. I wonder how the other THREE services went that day, I forgot to ask Luis or Whitney.
earthquake map
We went out to lunch with Luis and Whitney to Las Palapas. It’s soo very yummy and traditional Mexican, therefore HEALTHIER than Taco Bell/El Zarape, etc. Then, we went to see CLASH OF THE TITANS, which I truly recommend if you’re into action films like Chris and I. However, right as the action started, so did something else. If you’ve watched the news at all yesterday, you know there was an Earthquake! It was a 7.2 originating in Baja California. By the time it hit Yuma, it was still around a 6.(that’s the basics!)  However, it was interesting being inside a theatre room during the episode. It lasted over a minute and increased in intensity as it went on. Once we heard a CRACK come from the ceiling, we got up to leave. It settled down some and we continued watching the film. We got several aftershocks that made several people scared and leave the theater, but overall everything was good. It originally felt like someone was kicking the back of my chair, but I looked behind me and no one was there. Then, it continued and was insane trying to stand up while the intensity increased. Whitney thought Jesus might be coming back, which would have been amazing and a surprise, but He did not. Once we got home, we inspected things and only a lamp had fallen off it’s shelf, and some other things were on the verge of falling off shelves in the pantry. Thank God nothing serious happened. A few places around town lost electricity, but it was restored within an hour. According to the YUMA SUN, it was the biggest earthquake in the area since 1967! WOW!!
All pictures are from the USGS.gov website. Chris reported the earthquake, too.