Funny Signs at Airshows

Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, AZ had an air show a couple weeks back and we went of course because we hear the planes, jets, helos all.the.time. and we wanted to see them up close. And because the Hubbi wanted to show off some of the aircraft he’s been in while deployed, too. Well, nothing makes an air show more entertaining then the signs that regulations say HAVE to be on the air craft. Enjoy!IMG_8942 Most people enjoy standing near exhaust, right?
Apparently in certain planes, safety lights don’t automatically come on. I think we need to update these practices!!IMG_8947
 There is only one place to be rescued?
The painted ‘do not paint’ signs. Oh, the irony. IMG_8966 
This must be extreme danger because the last sign was gray, but this is BRIGHT red for all to see. I wonder how many people stood near this area in order for this sign to deemed appropriate and necessary?IMG_8992
Oh yes. You see the size of that plane? HUGE. and it says “no push?” How busy is air travel these days?IMG_8998
   The bomb is appropriately named. Yes, this is a real BOMB. Yes, it was at an air show for the public to view, pretty Swarthy.
In case you’re ever close enough to read in air, but below the decks, this plane belongs to the United State Air Force, just saying. IMG_9068 
Look! The Army’s for sale!!!IMG_9076
I can see why this guy flies alone.IMG_9052
Oh, the ever popular Danger, keep away. It’s a Coast Guard rescue Helo and My husband is disobeying the signage since he’s a Marine, he doesn’t follow CG orders. haha.IMG_9000  
Who doesn’t love the view of MARINES plastered on the side of a camo painted aircraft? *drool*              Ok, so maybe I am the only weirdo who likes that but I have a certain pride that comes with my husbands career in the Marine Corps.

*disclaimer* Yes, I know the signs are there for a purpose, but during an air show they don’t make much such since the aircraft are for viewing pleasure and  are therefore GROUNDED . It still is rather funny, yes?

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