I was used by God tonight. There is no other explanation. 
I wasn't nervous. 
I wasn't scared.
I taught HIS word and gave HIM glory.
Everyone participated.
Everyone got candy.
Everyone learned about UNDERWEAR being in the Bible. (did *YOU* know?)
Everyone found some mysteries in the Bible. 

It's truly amazing. I said YES and was blessed ten-fold. I do have to admit that when I first started studying, I wanted the lesson to be about MY amazing skills. Therefore while searching for that *awesome* video to share, I couldn't find anything.  
Once I realized *MY* issues, I asked forgiveness and asked for HIS WORD to be said, not my own glory to be sought.  I cannot even explain the immediate difference. I found the direction for the study, the right passages, the right video and everything clicked in perfect time. I wasn't rushed, I wasn't frazzled, and I certainly wasn't 'spontaneously unprepared' like normal, either. 

God, thanks for Blessing lil ole ME! 
After all that, I still was told that the lesson was amazing. 


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