I have everything a beach cottage requires except the beach and STARFISH! 
The beach will have to wait as long as Hubbi has orders to this desert oasis, we cannot move, but the starfish..where are they? I don't have a single one.
 I could order them online, but with all my sweet shells and shark teeth, I have personally collected those along the beaches of North Carolina. I want matching starfish. 
Maybe I need to enlist help in that department? 
How many teenagers does it take to find ONE starfish to send to me?
Of course, because starfish are AWESOME, the teens will probably want to keep it for themselves. 
SO..back to ordering online, right?
Well, here's the thing: do I want real DEAD ones or fake ones?
All white or natural?
and how in the WORLD do I not have any yet? It STILL baffles me. I have sand dollars and no starfish. 
&& this post is making me miss North Carolina an awful lot. 
Bear Island has the most magical beach with warm waters, sand dollars, HUGE conch shells, and no trash, litter, etc. 
It also has sea turtle nests. 
&& I used to live {thisclose} to it that we've kayaked there to camp. 
Ok..side note: according to the National Geographic the new politically correct term is...

wait for it ...

are you waiting?

how about now?


you've waited long enough!



You see, they're NOT fish, we just like to call them that, like Tuna FISH. DUH, we know they're a fish, why be redundant?

OK, I want some sea stars. 


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