Twenty Four

I have to admit that I am obsessed with the t.v. show 24 right now... I have watched up to Season Five, which I just started this afternoon.  It really makes me want to do more than be a stay at home wife all day...what ever that is..
But, I know my husband is helping this cause(as an active duty Marine(!!), so I should leave that up to him, right? 



Because of my obsession with this, Chris wants to take me to the shooting range sometime. I have never even held a gun because I don't need too, my meat comes from the store, I don't need self defense, && I do not belong to the NRA. But look at this scene: I would definitely pause in my tracks.

Jack Bauer could kill Church Norris with the phrase "Just trust me." (which he says at least once every single episode) If you have netflix, it's available on instant view and you will become a junkie like me. I am warning you! 
(I do have to say I have kept up with dishes, laundry, and crafty projects while still watching. I may even match and fold out TWO rubbermaid totes of socks to keep busy while watching. haha
Or his handsome blue eyes. I have a crush on Jack Bauer. Is that bad? 

I also found out I could order his messenger bag, too!

And I think Ewan McGregor, whom I also crush on, looks like him....

Poor Chris ... My obsession with blonde hair and blue eyes continues.
Chris has neither.