XBOX chair revamp

IMG_9210Pretty buttery yellow chair. I love your color, but you just don’t coordinate with our house. Plus, your seat is pretty stained and unnatural. 

However, I LOVE your details and you’re quite comfortable to sit upon. I think I shall keep you, but modify you some…IMG_9215

Plus, you were pretty cheap and I got 25% off that due to military appreciation day.IMG_9216

Add in black magic in a can and some pretty beachy fabric from *gasp* Walmart and I think we can be friends. IMG_9217

AHH! Who let this naked chair run around? This is inhumane. Someone call the ‘what not to wear’ team! IMG_9218
OOPS, the bottom fell out.

See what magic resides in a can of spray paint? It’s absolutely stunning and matches perfectly in Chris’ XBOX zone.

                  I am pretty sure this is red carpet approved. For an estimated $7.00 I think I’ll enjoy having a chair for the in-laws to sit upon (that matches) when they arrive in a month to play XBOX into the wee hours of the morning.