bedroom furniture…


This is Belle.

This is what she does for FUN all day long.

She lays in front of the door hoping that it’ll keep her cool when the temperatures outside are reaching over 100* in the sun.

Lately, it’s been much cooler and she’s been enjoying the outdoors again, but mainly, she still lies around.


So, I re-did this little table.

I purchased it for $2.99.

It sits near my bed and houses my laptop and Bible because my night stand isn’t big enough.


Close up of some of the advertisements I used.

ModPodge and a sealer AFTER I spray painted it.

IMG_9378This is how it usually looks.

MacBook, Crazy Love, and Bible.


This is the night stand that matches the two dresses I’ve purchased recently and re-did.

They were UGLY dated walnut with brassy handles.

I went to walmart and with the help of Jess, picked out this “mismatched” paint to use.

I love bargains.

Two coats primer, two coats paint, three coats Poly.

One quick spritz of spray paint on the handles.

I was zoned in paint fumes.

I LOVE how they turned out.