Mums Day

Ok, so I have been slacking at posting because LIFE does happen and does get messy and get in the way of perfectly good updates. However, I have good reason. The husband has been in and out this week working at his actual base instead of the field, so I got to spend time with him *gasp*
Plus, the in-laws will be arriving soon. A mil, sil, bil, and nephew and they'll be staying for TWO weeks. Can you start praying for me NOW? Thanks.
So, I've been re-arranging things, changing things, donating things, making things and have loads of pics to share. Plus, when the sun decides to shine in our dining room, it made XBOX playing impossible apparently so the XBOX room was meshed into the living room and that left a whole ROOM empty and disorganized. I couldn't have that, so it was another to-do list item. (Thanks to the husband's whims, might I add?)

So today was kinda boo-hoo for me. I enjoy dislike being told "I'd wish you a Happy Mother's Day, but you're not a Mother yet" multiple times. Once was enough and a stab at the heart. Gee, thanks for reminding me AGAIN that I don't have children after trying for FIVE years now. (between deployments, schools, trainings, etc...) I did call my mum and she was happy I called. So, that's great. I have her present waiting, but I cannot blurb about it because she reads this blog. (hi MUM!)

I also had four free passes to view "Letters to Juliet" today, before it opens on May 14th, nationwide. I went alone, which was A-OKAY by me. It wasn't too packed. I was however surprised at the two MARINE MEN who saw the movie without their girlfriends/spouses/female companions. It was mostly older retirement aged ladies and a couple husbands smattered throughout. It was an adorable movie, totally cliche, but most chick flicks these days are...
The scenery was gorgeous.

It makes me wanna visit and never leave. Maybe I can convince the Husband to become ex-patriots and move to Europe when he's done being a US Marine? Yeah, I didn't think so, either.


Cole said…
I really want to see that movie. You have such an adorable blog. :)

nicole visiting from