The Marine told me yesterday that I am  ‘decorating like I did in Mass." I have asked him to clairify considering I KNEW nothing about nothing back in those days about decorating. I’ll just excuse myself from the decorating foes because my dad was from West Virginia and mum from Ohio and we did not have a lot of money. We used what we had, which in all essence is what I do now. So maybe i Do decorate like I did back then? I don’t know. I’d like to think it’s evolved some. We have nicer things (that are mostly re-purposed from goodwill) but apparently my style taste hasn’t changed.

Dare I show a photo from our house in Mass.? It’s circa 2002-2006…SCARY stuff because I was a workaholic and Mr. Marine was gone 2 out of the 4 years on deployment.

Let me see what I can dig up…


Thanksgiving 2005.

The Day I fixed my mum up with my co-worker.

They are now Mr. & Mrs. Co-worker and he has a different job (and they moved to a different state, too!)


A PLASTIC tablecloth? seriously, Jen, WHAT were you thinking? Sad news to report, I still have that candle, those fake flowery things and that cutting board underneath everything. You could think I would have at least DUSTED the candle holder, right?

Let’s not talk about the table in the corner nor the unfinished wainscotting, shall we?

(the fudge DOES look yummy though!)

We still do have those IKEA chairs at our table.

I like them.

I have exchanged two of them for real wood chairs that I refinished.

It’s a work in progress, but I am too cheap to buy brand new $100 chairs.


I Do have to report that the table in the corner is still in the house in MASS..

Plus, I have a thing for blue and chocolate apparently. (these are also the colors in our bedroom currently!)

You can see the half done windowy thing that opens to our living room.


Pretty table setting, but I cannot see it because of the construction CRAP that is behind it all over the place.

Oh, and the plates outnumber their space. Classic.

Thankfully I do believe that plastic blue tablecloth was a dessert and game night thing. (we ALWAYS play games afterwards since MOST of my family is anti-sports…except me, but that’s a topic for another post!)


The snow we got that day. It’s barely enough for a picture, but it does make me miss my backyard.

We haven’t been back since 2006.

It’s now four years later and I have SO many plans and projects for this house that I cannot wait to get started.

Mr. Marine built that shed all by himself for less then $1000. It’s HUGE.

I know it LOOKS tiny, but it’s not. The roof is actually blue, under the snow.

The tree stump, branches, and remodeling junk behind the shed is no longer there.

This back yard was the reason I was in SHAPE in 2005/2006. I busted my tail to get it looking amazing.

And because we were given orders to move.

Ugh..I miss green grass, trees, even the poison ivy.


This is the front corner of our house before the flag pole was installed.

Before I painted the porch, the ceiling, and the poles…

this was obviously a fall-ish picture since there are no flowers and my grass is dead.

It might even be a winter before the mass amounts of snow came picture.

Actually, it HAS to be an early spring, because that yellow thing is a sprinkler.

I still don’t see any flowers.

What in the world?

And Mr. Bush hogging the corner, I don’t like you.

or your twins.

We’ve ripped out all your other bushy friends..

I think you MAY be next.



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I think you're a great decorator...both in the early days & now!

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Amanda said…
I just don't see the problem with the decorations. :)

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