Camp. Revived.

Camp was amazing.
That's where I have been lately. 
I went to Julian, California (home of the world famous apple pies) with 40 youth from our church.
We arrived as two separate churches (Oasis and Oasis Iglesia) and returned home as one church family.
It was an amazing time.
I really got to learn about the youth, the other leaders, and see how another camp operates.
If yall don't know, I've had this idea/career path of opening/operating a church camp since at least 2006. 
However, being in the Military (or at least half the marital relationship) it's quite near impossible with all the moving. 
SO, we are waiting. 
We are planning, and training, and organizing events with the youth. 
We are training up the children in the way they should go, and I am also teaching tonight. With the topic being God's KINGdom and our place in it...shall be interesting.
Well, the plan was solidified that I DO want to open the church camp that God has in store for us.
I have been running from this desire because it seems so unreachable, but I ultimately know that God is in control, not man....
It's sometimes really hard to trust that especially with the Marine Corps.

I LOVE this sign. 
I don't think church was suppose to be the way Americans have made it anyhow.
I KNOW God has bigger plans for HIS believers.
I guess that would be my desire {and education} of fun, active, engagement learning directives. 
We need to go & do.
Not sit & whine, complain, soak up information like a sponge and do nothing with it but say AMEN every now and again. 

*steps off soap box*

Me + SPF 70 + Sun + Pastor Bob's Old people hat = this picture. 

This is Mike doing the Robot.
Not really.
He's teaching survival skills.
And talking with his hands.

Mike & Pastor Luis aka Lucho.
I have dubbed them Pinky and the Brain.

Jacob's Ladder.
Fastest Team: Alfredo (Wero) and Clemmente.

Luis, 45 feet in the air.
Walking like he OWNS the place.

Molly hanging on to Jacob's Ladder. 
Girls participated, too.

Blind-folded Tug of war.

The whole Group.

The normal, perfectly SANE Leaders. haha
(yes it WAS cold there. The high was mid 70s and we're used to 110)