Isn't this gorgeous?
I LOVE it because it matches the style of the macbook the ONLY year they moved away from the white case and placed aluminum shell..which happens to be the year I purchased mine. I have an aluminum 13" MacBook, go ahead and try to find them these days. OY. It's soo much prettier than those silly white ones. 
Anyhow. I love the new features:
TWO cameras
HD Video recording
Video Calling
iWORK added (Apple's 'office suite')
It's more slender and more rigid looking.
There are two microphones
the volume buttons are separated
the sim slot is now a micro sim and located on the side.
It's just pretty.

Oh, and Netflix is working on an app for it! I am stoked for this phone..
Especially since it's the 'coolest' thing going for at&t besides rollover minutes.