San Diego Zoo


I love the San Diego Zoo. It’s huge, it’s unique, it’s hilly, and a great workout!

Unfortunately some of their houses for animals make me sad.

It reminds me of Happy Feet when all the penguins say they’re in Heaven cause they’re sitting around staring at glass bobbing back and forth.


This little fellow greeted us by the tram tours. He’s hanging out and enjoying life.

IMG_9951  Momma Giraffe.


Baby Giraffe.

IMG_9962Meer Kat Manor.

IMG_9968  SkyTram, holding onto my Life is GOOD hat, and freezing.

It was cold up there!

IMG_9979 It’s PUMBA!

IMG_9995These guys LOVED Chris.

IMG_9999My 9,999 picture on my camera. Very Nice.

It’s a two-bodied Zebra hehehe.

IMG_0004   Hello Mr. Ornate Hawk-eagle. Please stop staring at me.

IMG_0020 The FUNNIEST flower, ever; Bird of Paradise!



Ms. Panda.

She’s actually using the facilities in this Photo. (ugh)

IMG_0034Hello lil Baby.

IMG_0035  Don’t mind me.

IMG_0040 I am just going to eat your biscuits.


IMG_0100  What a show-off!!

IMG_0103 IMG_0108



Pacific Ocean.

It was COLD. (like 60s cold) (which is freezing when you’re used to 100s!)

IMG_0125The Marine was FROZEN!

IMG_0141SIL and Nephew. It was their first time at the Pacific Ocean.



So this officially is what I am lovin. Not just THIS week, but most weeks. I really LOVE San Diego.   

Plus, After this ocean jaunt, we went to Trader Joe’s, which is the closest one to Yuma. (2.5 hours away)

I wish we could live closer to one someday so I can try more products!


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