Yuma, a perfect B&B

We have been hosting family and relatives and running around like crazy people lately.
We had in-laws here for two weeks.
We did all the touristy things with them.

Now, I have a step-sister, her fiancee, and her two kids coming out to spend time with her dad, my step dad in Casa Grande. 
They're arriving here Monday and staying till Wednesday because (a) they puffy heart love me and miss me (hehe)
and (b) I live MUCH closer to San Diego. 

{{It'll be everyone's first time in California (the REAL part, not just the dunes, mom!) and their first time ever to the Pacific Ocean. I cannot wait to see the pure joy and happiness that follows. }}

After being in San Diego, why would anyone go back to their regular mundane boring neighborhoods elsewhere? 

One word: traffic.
San Diego traffic is insane. 
Make that CALIFORNIA traffic is insane. They act like they own the roads and the right to cut you off and the right to KNOW where they're going so get out of their way, RIGHT NOW!! It always makes for a fun trip...especially when you have a convoy of FOUR vehicles including two church vans like we did for camp..oy.
The Marine and I got there just fine, everyone else took a couple detours. hehe

SO, the family will be here and they've all decided to go to SeaWorld, out of all the fun and fabulous adventure parks, zoos, etc..SeaWorld. 

It's a fabulous choice, as it has the best of everything: roller coasters, kids play areas, shows, animals, happiness, etc. but it's getting expensive: $69.00/person.

Thankfully we'll be close enough to purchase a year pass and get the second year FREEE! 
We'll be SeaWorld pass holders. 
How exciting and special and completely amazing.

{{{I loooove SeaWorld.
I have always wanted to work at SeaWorld.
Growing up in Ohio, there used to be a SeaWorld there.
We would go almost every summer.
My mum likes to tell me I wandered off one time... pssh it's SeaWorld, I was SAFE (at least in the 80s.) 
SO, we've both been to SeaWorld, but they've never been to SeaWorld SAN DIEGO. 
Man, I get so happy just saying that. hehe.
I am excited beyond excited. }}}

Also, I was in San Diego last weekend for camp.
This Saturday the ladies from Church are going to San Diego (with me included)
and then TUESDAY we're also going to San Diego with family. 
I am in HEAVEN....

Of course there is ONE downside.
It's COLD there.
It's averaging about 110 degrees almost every.single.day.
San Diego's high temps are our LOW temps.

San Diego's forecast for Tuesday: Cloudy in the morning...becoming mostly sunny. Patchy fog in the morning. Highs 67 to 72 near the coast to 72 to 77 inland.
Yuma's Tuesday forecast: 106° | 72° Clear
There's just a slight difference.
It'll be okay.
It's just one day.