The to-do list is growing.

I am not sure where this stems from except that life gets busy and messy sometimes.

I went to the oral surgeon yesterday and he wants to take ALL four of my wisdom teeth out. My dentist only wanted three out because apparently, I USE one of them…

Nope, all four gone because they’re sitting on the bone.


Now I have to schedule surgery sometime when the Marine is available to babysit me for the first 12 to 24 hours.

I can’t drive, can’t basically do anything after the procedure, except maybe sleep.

And I’ll be getting it I.V. like.

Should I warn them I WILL throw up or just go with it?

Just sitting in that chair yesterday almost made me wanna throw-up.

And just thinking about it now kinda ugh.


New Topic.

The only credit card was have was used in fraud yesterday.

It was used for $6.00 at some dental place in Chandler, AZ.

Apparently they’ve had a HUGE breach in security recently and know the problem exists.

Except WE have never been to the dentist in Chandler && Chris always has the CC in his wallet..unused.

Yes, I am sure you’re thinking my dentist headquarters could be in Chandler.


I didn’t whip out any plastic for the dentist.

It’s called insurance and I’m so GRATEFUL for it.

One of the only DECENT perks left for military members’ families now that MYCAA program has gone to crap.

But that unhappiness will be for another day.


I have recycling to take to the drop-off zone, dresses to look for tomorrow’s Wedding.

Oh yeah.

My Pastor’s Daughter is marrying the Youth and Music Pastor.

Just writing that down seems odd.

But they’re amazing for each other and so happy to be together.

I’m sure loads of people will be crying tomorrow.

Oh, and Comic-Con International is this weekend so hotel prices are sky high and bookings are almost sold-out. So I highly doubt we’ll be staying over in San Diego after the wedding.

Too bad because they’re ALL going to SeaWorld on Sunday.

Blah…that’s the kind of mood I am in..



(All pictures were taken on my mission trip to Colorado! This is how amazingly beautiful the landscape is out there. I wish I could go back and visit again!)