My 100th Post…

I cannot believe I’ve had enough to say for 100 posts. Of course it has taken YEARS to do this as the blog was neglected for LONG patches of time. Most people do it in a few months. I cannot say I am one of them. I am a take my time and do it right kinda person. haha.

So with this being my 100th post, I am going to do something FUN.

cupcakes sparkling

I know. yall can hardly wait to see what that is…


…still waiting? ….

strawberry lemonade

I made some strawberry lemonade…

swimming friends

and invited a few friends over to celebrate!!

Let’s get this party started.


10 Things I have learned about blogging:

  1. It IS a commitment
  2. People who ‘follow’ you, don’t read
  3. It sometimes IS a popularity contest
  4. Other people have gone through the same things as you.
  5. Some friends are better left on-line than IRL.
  6. Some friends are better IRL than on-line.
  7. Blogging is for the author, not for the fan(s).
  8. A lot of people have loads to say and don’t…and some who have a lot of words say nothing at all.
  9. Comments are appreciated whenever the post was written.
  10. Sometimes Humor is wasted because those smiley faces don’t convey they message.


10 Things I recommend about blogging:

  1. Just start writing.
  2. Don’t write to please your audience, it’s YOUR blog, not theirs.
  3. Blog-hop once a day.
  4. Follow people who have similar interests, not because a link party says too
  5. Link-up to parties for new followers.
  6. Leave meaningful comments on blogs, not just “new follower”
  7. Do not blog stalk.
  8. Show your personality in your header, style, and design of your blog. (that whole first impressions thing!)
  9. Read blogging etiquette rules (google search it!)
  10. Don’t post  As people, we KNOW everyone has a life outside of the internet. It’s okay to take time between posts.




Michelle said…
Congrats on 100 posts. Have you read this post about blog stalkers? It's pretty funny.