Sea World.



Don’t you just LOVE the Penguin statue?

The real penguin pictures did not turn out because you’re not allowed to use FLASH in the cave-like exhibit.

The outside penguins were getting a remodel so there are no adorable penguin pics to show off… maybe next time?



All the super fun stuff…right?


Guess where we ended up for the shows?


However, we did not get splashed.

Shamu wasn’t jumping high enough on the sides. hehe 

We also had Asian tourists behind us that asked if killer whales and Shamu was the same thing.

I guess the translation didn’t go over too well.

It was a funny conversation.

(if you don’t know, Shamu is the original name of the first killer whale held captive by Sea World…. and it’s become the performers last name aka Shamu Family.)


And because this is where the Killer Whales decided a trainer was a toy and something to hold under water and toss around one day in the park..the trainers no longer get in the pool with the Killer Whale Family. There was no diving from the tip of their mouths or swimming with them.

IMG_0583 Baby Shamu is flexible.!


The Happy Shamu Family…


The New Blue Horizons Show was absolutely AMAZING!!


Pilot Whales, Dolphins, Acrobats, Parrots, Condors, etc. = Stunning Performance.

It’s a MUST see. It opened in May, 2010.

Hurry, and go check it out!


How fun would this be?


Lady hoisting a guy into the air just so she can drop him..hehe.

Not really, but that’s kinda what happens, too.


Me + overcast day + 70 temp MAX + shorts and short sleeved shirt = frozen!

Love my new Hoodie even though I won’t get to wear it again until November/December because it’s currently 111* outside.

IMG_0741 The Marine was there, too.

He wasn’t expecting this picture. At ALL!

But he’s just soo cute and adorable.’s a good thing he doesn’t read this,

Marine + cute and adorable= mad Marine 



Shark Encounter.

This was an awesome shot by the Marine.

If you haven’t been they exhibit consists of viewing from the top of shark pools and going below them.

They’re not HUGE animals in the tank because more huge sharks don’t live long in captivity…

but they’re skeery enough.

I loved the hammerheads.

Unfortunately I only have semi-decent pics and they look like aliens because their eyes caught my flash…

like this


Aren’t they so cute?

I love SeaWorld.

We didn’t get to see everything, but that happens when we leave late, have to drive 3 hours to get there, have to stop by the ocean first, and eat, and stuff.

It’s okay.

SeaWorld, we WILL be back.

Hopefully my camera will work a lot better this time, too…

And it won’t be cold &&

we might get to ride the rides finally…


I don’t know.

What do you love about SeaWorld?

And i’ve once again linked to Tidy Mom because it’s Friday and I can.



Staci said…
Following from NFF. :)

I would love to go to Sea World someday! It would be so much fun! I'm a military spouse hubby's in the USAF. Come check out my blog sometime. :)

Melissa said…
My youngest loves Sea World especially the Shamu show. I rather like the Belugas and the Manatees.