this week...

Before yall call a search party out on me, I thought I should let you know where I have been hiding.

I wish it was at the dentist's but they haven't called me back, yet. Maybe I'll try another dentist and see how that goes. (wisdom teeth coming in and causing a RASH of pain and other unfun things!)

I am also teaching recreation (surprise) to the day camp at my local church. It's from 2-6 every day and I have the best helpers, ever!!

Yesterday I was barely able to stand thanks to the myriad of drugs I was on to combat said tooth pain. Thankfully they took over with no issues and helped LOADS.

Secondly,  I didn't have to do the prep work all by myself, either. YAY. When it came time to tape 144 foam squares onto the sanctuary floor,  they just jumped in and helped, no questions asked. (love it)

I love how flexible they are, too. Just like me. haha. Change up the game to suit the age? No problem.
It's fabulous.
It's normally frustrating to go from teaching 9-13 year olds and then 3 year olds within 2 minutes of each other, but it worked out well and it was amazing. We have some great kids at our church...we have about 50 children attending and they love it. There weren't many issues yesterday and we took them ALL to Chuck e. Cheese's for two hours! It wasn't loud, obnoxious, or too busy, either. Which is a feat with that many children.

So, today's lesson is on strength and courage. I would love to make an obstacle course, but this church has almost ZERO supplies. I'd have to go out and buy everything needed for that... so maybe strength games like blob tag, sharks and minnows, and red rover are in order??

Tomorrow I'll do something water related since we're going to the pool afterwards and the children will have their bathing suits on under their clothing.

What do yall think?
Have yall ever done anything like this before?