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So this weekend was quite fun. Our Pastor’s daughter married the Youth and Music Pastor. It was such a touching ceremony as her dad walked her down the aisle & proceeded to do the ceremony. He read a letter he had written to his daughter when she was Five years old…the year she accepted Jesus as her Savior and was baptized. The Pastor was an Active Duty Marine at that time and did not know where that job would take him as the Gulf War has began! SO, it' was filled with hopes, dreams, prayers, etc. And the closing part of the ceremony was the exchange of their purity rings to each other and then to their families. The bride’s went to the groom parents and vise versa. It was amazing.

It also made me wish that I could have done that, too.. not just walk down the aisle with my parents giving me to my groom, but also giving my groom the one gift he deserved to have…that I gave away to another less worthy person.  Do you know how hard is it to tell your husband that he’s special, but wasn’t special enough to wait because I was hormonal and insane and no one really held me accountable for not giving in…

I won’t let that happen to our future children/neices/nephews/godchildren etc. It won’t be a gross sex talk from the Aunt & Uncle, like I received from True Love Waits programs THREE times… But more of a respect and reasoning behind it and holding them accountable… They need to know how this decision will affect their lives in the future.

Anyhow. The ceremony was at Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego. In other civilian terms: Marine Corps Boot Camp for all those who live WEST of the Mississippi River when they enlisted/graduated college. The Marine was there 13 years ago, almost to the day. That just seems surreal to me. It also makes me sad that the Marine had no one there on family day or graduation. Just like my sister. Families can be so harsh and mean sometimes. I am hurt for them…

So, this is about their wedding. The gorgeous weather. The beautiful place, the amazingly stunning bride and handsome groom.


Bride: age 20

Groom: age 23


Trevor: Best Man

Brittni: Maid of Honor who is dating Best Man

Whitney: Bride

Luis: Groom


The Marine and I.

We sat at the families’ BFF /DJ table.

We have only known these two for almost a year and they’ve become like family. They’re going to have an amazing marriage and ministry. I can’t wait to see it unfold and blossom just lie their love.

P.S. No one is ever going to replace my B.F.F. so don’t even THINK that for one moment, Ms. Bestie!!  :p

IMG_5499 The day of her first iPhone so many yeas ago….


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You are so right about saving it. I love the use of purity rings these days...such a beautiful promise.
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It sounds like a beautiful wedding. My husband and I just celebrated our 10th anniversary, and I am so glad that we saved ourselves for our wedding night! You're so right, what a gift to give each other.

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