Hot tamales and firetrucks.

Yesterday was just awful.

crying lady

I woke up HOT.

lady sweating

Turned down a.c.

Turned on my laptop BOOM, no internets.

Reset modem, router and BAM! I have internet again.


Realize I haven’t heard the a.c. click on and am still hot.

Push more buttons to make the temp lower…

No Bueno.

The thing doesn’t turn

Call the Marine at work. (logical, yes?)

lady hot

Whine, complain, and generally be a baby that I am hot at 85 degrees INSIDE my house.

The Marine calls rental place. They inform them someone will be out shortly.

Shortly took 3.5 hours to arrive.

3 hours

Shortly took about 3 hours to fix it, but only temporarily.


You see, this is an OLDER house in Yuma…meaning it was not built with energy efficient a.c., fridge, stove, water heater. (and we’re paying way TOO much electricity to use all these things!!) (plus our house faces east/west so the sun really beats down and warms everything up real quick even WITH double lined and insulated curtains!!)

So, Mr. Daniel informs me after being on the roof in 118 degree weather for at least an hour that I am getting a NEW a.c. unit tomorrow (which is today!!)

At this point I don’t care. It’s 94* INSIDE my house.

There is a HEAT advisory in affect and a storm blowing in.

hot day

That brought us to about 14:30 (2:30).

I bid farewell to Mr. Daniel and KNOW I’ll be sweating all day tomorrow as they install a new unit.

I went to walmart to buy milk, bread, a digiorno pizza, tortilla chips, green pepper, and onion to complete the meal prep for the week.

I rented some amazing  REDBOX movies to watch while I sweat to death tomorrow, too…

The Marine came home and we were watching BACKUP PLAN.

75 Minutes into it we hear bam bam and power goes out.

We go outside to see out TRANSFORMER SMOKING across the street.

It is now 5:30.

The Fire Truck comes and gets out their fire extinguishers, but because it’s electrical, they radio for APS to come out and repair their box.

firetruck sign

We talk to our neighbors outside for 30 minutes in 124* heat index weather, then go inside cause it’s HOT and we’re thirsty.

APS arrives 45 minutes after the fire truck arrived.

The next block over had their transformer blow causing all the power to back up into ours and that caused it to blow and FRY. They opened it up and it looked like charcoal inside the panel.

Time estimate for the job to be complete: 3-4 HOURS.

There is a heat advisory, a storm brewing, no a.c. and no fridge for cold drinks…plus in 2 hours it was going to be DARK.

The Marine and I showered again, for the second time after sweating through our clothes talking to our neighbors.

We hurried off to Barnes and Nobles.

YAY for free a.c. and good reading.

good reading

But, the Marine was anxious to get home since he’s in HAM (Amateur) radios and trained in weather stuff and what to do in emergencies (which this storm was going to give us..)

So, we head home. It’s 8:oo p.m. and the Marine thinks the power should be back on.

I said it won’t be back on until 10:00pm…. given their estimates and resources and labor force.

worker sweating

We came home to FOUR APS trucks, a handful of crewmembers and NO power, no a.c., no cold drinks.

The Marine was excited. I was PISSED. I was hungry (can’t make dinner without power nor fridge), I was thirsty, I was irritated with HOTNESS all day long, and the Marine kept lecturing about MONEY of all things. (hence why I didn’t have anything to eat or drink, but HE did…UGH)

frustrated hot lady

So after 20 minutes of being inside…and completely miserable sitting in the hot dark, I left. I drove to Wendys, got a jr. bacon cheeseburger and small diet pepsi.

I came home and still had another hour or so to wait.

I lit candles, which produced MORE heat (yay) and tried to read my Christian Atheist book. That wasn’t working too well.

So as soon as I blew out the candles, and headed into the bedroom to watch a movie on Mr. macbook, the a.c. kicked back on! wahoooo I was SAVED from the heat.

But now today, I get to sit and widdle inthe barn.. okay, maybe not.

But it’ll FEEL like a barn in the middle of August with the a.c. off from 9am till approximately 4p.m. while they install a brand new unit.

cartoon lady hot

At least I have electricity and can feed the dog ice cubes and give her a fan and this headache of no heat, no electricity can be done with for awhile…

OH yeah. I forgot. We had a REAL thunder/lightning storm last night. It was AWESOME.

desert rain

I woke up hearing the thunder booming and hearing rain.

That’s got to be the most miserable part about the desert: lack of rain.

I can handle the heat for the most part… but no rain except possibly in February/March for the entire YEAR??!! ugh.

bad day

Have yall ever had a hugely HORRIBLE day like I have?

What did you do ?

How did you manage to get through it?






*DISCLAIMER* all images came from CORBIS Images…


Melissa said…
Oh, I am so sorry. I don't even know what to say. Yuck.
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