Jesus Jammed in Yuma!

Hello dear blog.
Have you missed me?
I haven't forgotten about you, I've just been out and about BUSY.

I am attempting to make most meals these more cereal for dinner unless the Marine has duty, is in the field, deployed, or just plain NOT HOME...(it happens a lot, but not as much as it used too. YAY)
Mushrooms, red onion, grilled pineapples.
Steak on right, chicken on left. YUM.
Me(in MAY), grilling..another reason I started working out. Geeesh.

I am organizing and cleaning the junk out of my life AGAIN. It's a never-ending process. I have completely cleaned down and organized my pantry. It looks amazing. THIS IS THE BEFORE! It's not hooorible, but it's not pretty, either.
I need to take some AFTER pics. I really like the way it is organized that I can FIND everything.

Next up is the spare bedroom...ugh. It's mainly a closet full of stuff I can't touch (USMC issued stuff) and uniforms that look so handsome and gorgeous on my Marine *swoooon* added in with a futon and all the spare pillows, blankets, sheets, etc we have used in the past 3 months of family visits. They're all clean and washed, but just DUMPED on the futon. It's not a pretty sight.

From there I will be working on the Master Bedroom & bath and the TWO rubbermaid totes FILLED with socks that aren't matched. I have enough to wear for a week and the Marine matches as he goes. Honestly though, I can't remember the last time I have worn socks for more than a couple hours here and there. There is going to be a HUGE overhauling in that department. Does anyone wear socks everyday in the summer time? Or imagine you lived in Yuma, where the coolest temp reaches MAYBE 50, wouldn't you still wear flops? I know I do!

After that is the hallway closets. OH YAY. We have so many coats and jackets we don't know what to do's ridiculous. Plus, name a day in the past year that it's been colder than 50 here in Yuma? Right, you can't. That's a problem for coats. Why wear one when you have HOOODIES??!!
And we all know my obsession love for those. After that is the office supplies/scrapbook supplies/games/dvds/etc wall cabinets. I've cleaned it out recently, but it's getting insane AGAIN. oy.

Oh, and it's almost fall here, so that's exciting. That means temps will drop to 100-110 instead of death valley like temps of 110+ and humidity = 120 plus according to the heat indexes. bleh.
But that also means these blooms will come back and look all pretty again in my backyard. PLUS, I can start my garden again. YAY. It's so weird living in a place where people hibernate in the summer and grow things in the winter, but whatever. It's not horrible having fresh produce in the winter months..our farmers markets go from December to March...and then citrus season starts and it keeps getting better and better. hehe.

This past Friday night was Jesus Jam featuring Silverline and Fireflight. They were both amazing BUT I think Silverline outperformed Fireflight, too! They were amazing and truly on fire for God.
After the concert, we had an alllll night party at the local Boys and Girls Club. Yep: 10PM till 0600AM. We had inflatable sumo suits, jousting, obstacle course, bouce house, pool tables, ping pong tables, wii, xbox360, guitar hero, basketball, FOOD, musics, arcade, and an ice breaker/get to know each other game, plus a small lesson. It was great. We had about 160 total! I wasn't really tired, either which is amazing. Normally I get migraines, but God provided strength. (He's awesome like that!). Our youth seemed to have bonded A LOT, too..there was ONE incident from a tired girl who normally causes drama, so we should have been prepared for it, but whatevers. It wasn't anything the rest of the youth tolerated, and they responded since they are suppose to be her friends! Luckily, it wasn't anything some sleep couldn't off to the sleep room she went. Oh, and the sunrise was AMAZING. 

God does amazing things when we least expect it.

Oh, and can someone explain the ending of Jonah to me? I don't 'get it'?! It's so abrupt.