Just another Manic Monday…

Today’s Manic day is brought to you by crazy music: Dixie Chicks, Finger Eleven, and R.E.M.

I am re-living my High School music days, please forgive me.

*disclaimer* This is pre-psycho anti- American/President remarks were made by a certain group. Their music reminds me of home: COUNTRY and simple times. SO, excuse me while I jam! (I am sure glad it’s summer cause I know my Mexican neighbors would think I’ve gone insane because there isn’t mariachi musicas playing!) hehe.


Oh and Landslide reminds me of Fleetwood Mac which brings me to my former RadioShack manager and the fact that it’s been a year since he drowned at his home…

*sad day*

And it’s been way too long since Grammy died and her Bday would have been Wednesday.


ohio heart

And the local College starts today, the schools have been in session for a week already and it’s making me miss being in school. But NAU(Northern Arizona University {campus at Yuma}) doesn’t start till the end of the month. Oh the Possibilities.


This post isn’t making any sense. Please forgive me, but this is how my mind is working these days: never a coherent thought, just jumbled mix of whateverness.



Ten Commandments


I made this last month while we were studying the Ten Commandments at Church. I rather like it, but have to figure out how to display it… Any ideas?

Plus I have this HUGE frame to turn into a chalkboard soon. That’ll give me something to do. I can’t say I am a FAN of Yuma in August. I’ve been here an entire year and so far, it’s my least favorite month followed by July and June.

October is looking good, though ;)