weekend review with PICS

Weekend Recap:


Friday: I attended the Global Leadership Summit. I was overloaded with amazing advice, tools, resources, encouragement, and messages. I loved every.single.minute. I actually adore and love the business world.  { All my business classes gave me such a rush. }. In the afternoon I was so stoked to hear Jack Welch’s interview. He’s a giant in the business world and has been a person I looked up to since entering my college years. He’s amazing and God is doing some works in him lately. He’s attending church when his wife isn’t there (going on his own) and I think God has GREAT plans for the rest of his career. I cannot WAIT to see what is going to unfold. I probably had a smile on my face during the entire interview, cause I am a DORK like that. But, it’s good stuff.

jack and suzy welch(corbis images)

Jack Welch even has a Management Institute!! AND on-line Master’s degree programs that are relevant in today’s world. PLUS, with military discount the entire Master’s degree would be only $9000! It’s about $250/credit hour which is CHEAP in dealing with Master’s programs. I am stoked. I requested more information and will see how it all pans out in the end. Oh, and the other silly part, it’s based out of Chancellor, which is based in Cleveland; an hour from my hometown. THAT is insane to me.  But it seems to easy to be able to do it. It’s normally the stuff that scares me that is the right choice. Mount Wachusett Community College: scared and was told NOT to do by The Marine and co-workers. UNCW, was told not to do it by The Marine and family who think driving 150 miles a day for college is insane. But in the end, I came out on top and loved almost every minute of it. I MISS college. Four years was NOT enough for me. I am just trying to figure out what/where/when/ is next. What degree? Sustainability and Management, MBA, Christian Leadership, Family and Recreation Ministry (which I would more than love to do, but I’d be apart from the Marine for two years while I would be in seminary…) or something in the Nutrition/Dietetics field? All choices would be amazing and prepare me for the camp that will be the next chapter in our lives…(after retirement)  but I am currently waiting on God and His timing, direction, and wisdom.


Friday Night: pizza. A HUGE 28 inch pizza was shared by TEN people and there was enough to feed an additional ten people. I’ve NEVER seen a pizza that big and round before. I’ve seen party pizzas, but they were square, not round. How big does an oven have to be to fit that monster in it? Wow. Anyhow. The pineapple on it made it that much more amazing. Pastor Bob, Britney and I loved our pineapple pieces. <3

pineapple pizza walk by faith

Saturday: Game Night with the youth. We played “Would you Rather” and that got boring because we had so many people playing that it went quite slow. (ten people again..lol).

So we moved on to Apple to Apple, the UNBible version..oops. haha. Next time we’ll have to purchase the Bible Version for Youth Nights because I don’t think kids should be discussing SULTRY in church… There was a lot of yelling during this game, but that’s because the youngest two (7/8th graders) need attention and couldn’t be heard unless they yelled. Oy. And trying to discuss which cards matched the subject the most was intense. These kids have PASSION haha..or competitive drive..add in soda, cookies, and chex mix and we’re likely to get hyper!!


Sunday: God blew the roof off the church with his sermon. (not literally of course, we don’t live in Kansas!) We’re going through a new series :Summer in the Psalms and it’s been amazing so far. I am studying and reading and meditating on God’s Word in the Psalms and I haven’t ever been so… je ne sais pas. But it’s amazing. I am currently reading The Christian Atheist and that book is amazing as well. It’s just nourishing.


So I promised pics of Girls Night and Promotion.

Are you SURE you wanna see Marine all dressed up?



I know I do. hehe




The snacks

IMG_0831 Jess on Guitar and Whitney Singing


Jess Guitar, Whitney Singing, Britney taking a Pic and Krystal on drums.

(don’t mind the satellite dish in my living room..it’s proof that the Marine does live here. LOL)

mikes pose girls night Mike Pose  haha

yay us girls night

Typical Me.

proper girls night 

We’re a buncha goofs.. no wonder the Youth love us.

BTW, we are the GIRLIE adult helpers for youth. I am the OLDEST. AHHHH.



The Marine before promotion at work.



Me at Marine’s work 0630


Here’s your frame and fake certificate.


I promise to uphold the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. (I get chills every time I hear that!!)

IMG_0859 IMG_0861

The Marine is now officially able to promote his own Marines. He did so within 10 minutes of being promoted himself. Congrats, Cpl.

IMG_0853Zoomed in on Marine’s head. It’s really not as alien-like haha.

and he DOES have hair.