{But I am not the only one}

I am exhausted tired.
I stayed up way too late trying to finished SAFE HAVEN by Nicholas Sparks only to stop reading during the climax because (a) VERY predictable and (b) it was 0230. 
I awoke at 0700 and finished the book and have been awake ever since.
The Marine has been diddling with his Amateur Radio stuff since 0700 as well. He has a QSO Party next weekend that he's preparing his equipment for. We were supposed to be attending the Youth Ministers Conference in San Diego (the same weekend), but the budget at church got smaller and random other excuses. It's also the same weekend as the Women of Faith Conference I decided not to attend because of said previous conference. So two conferences, and I am not going to either of them....
{Disappointment doesn't even describe it!} (and the Dallas Conference was never attended, either...)

It's been a hectic crazy stressful week in my head, so much so that I haven't moved out of bed in the past 12 hours. I am still in bed in my p.j.s. Dishes and laundry have both been done by me today, but I came back to snuggle the bed some more without sleeping. Does anyone else have those days?

My stress level is normally so low it makes me seem quite apathetic. However lately, that's been untrue.... priorities need to be checked, prayer life resuscitated, and life needs to be lived. I've looked forward to events in September for so long that now that they've come and gone, there is nothing else... (which is totally untrue, but how I feel right now.) Can anyone relate? Am I left alone to ponder these things...