25 {Random Things}

  1. I am a Star Wars Junkie. I should have my own therapy group.
  2. Cooking is my passion because it's what I can control and it makes others happy; it's my ministry.
  3. I love to experiment cooking new things, but I don't always try them.
  4. Being outdoors away from the buildings/technology/stuff thrills me 
  5. I am left-handed, but mostly do right handed things because this world discriminates.
  6. Parks bring out the kid inside of me..if I didn't look like a creeper going to the park to play alone(as an adult), I would do it often. 
  7. I've studied French, Portuguese and am now learning some Spanish
  8. Caffeine and I aren't suppose to be BFFs
  9. I almost attended Bob Jones University.
  10. I love anything lime flavored, except cheesecake or key lime pie.
  11. I am the exception to almost everything, I don't know why.
  12. Youth Ministry has always tugged at my heart.
  13. Family/REC Ministry is closing in on it.
  14. I agree with this statement: Memories aren't memories unless they're revisited often.
  15. I've always wanted to play with a symphony
  16. I am quite competitive, but that's slowly changing.
  17. I wanted to play the french horn
  18. I hate making time to work out, but love working out
  19. There are several favorite scents I have Spring: Clean linen, Summer: pineapple/carribbean/pina colada fruity scents, fall: apple cinnamon winter: peppermint and vanilla. Nothing else.
  20. I have NEVER been drunk. Last night that fact made me cool with certain people(youthins) and uncool or shocked to others. (different youthins)
  21. I miss all the places I have lived and realize I am blessed to be able to see different parts of the USA so frequently.
  22. I want to live on a grape field/winery /apple orchard for a season
  23. Zoos fascinate me, but sadden me at the same time.
  24. When texting I often mistype me for my and vise versa. It makes for funny sentences.
  25. I could be lacto-vegan and be happy...minus my random carne asada nights


My husband is a lefty also, but can do most stuff right handed. He also thinks the world discriminates against lefty's. Our oldest, Kate (almost 4) is also a lefty and we realized this when she was about 1.5 years old. My husband wanted to try and change her to a righty so life will be easier! Ha! I am love that she is a lefty, I think it is so neat!