lovin it...

I'm lovin it.

Bob Harper.
His blue eyes, his physique, his "im the nice one" ploy, yeah, NOT SO MUCH.

Wait until you get hooked addicted to his newest workout dvds.
They're not so kind.
They're brutal.
Yet, I keep doing them and coming back each day.
The 20 minute beginner ones are SUCH a tease because it's a 5 minute static streching warm-up followed by semi-intense training. It is enough to start off a workout, but never feel like a complete workout.
The HOUR long session is over an hour. 
You will be SPENT and feel ALIVE.
Endorphins are amazing.
After the workout, it's a cool down, some protein and a couple smart waters to replenish the fluids lost during the sweat workout session.

But Bob... he tricks you.
“You wanted me as a trainer, you got me as a trainer.  This is what you get!”
He's so sweet and innocent and smiles a LOT on The Biggest Loser. 
He looks like he CARES.
Have you completed any of his dvds?
The Biggest Loser ones, the Wii Fit Biggest Loser 'game', the Weight Loss Yoga?
Or his NEW series that I am addicted too? The INSIDE OUT METHOD?
 I currently only have his strength dvd, but I've been doing it since mid-August and it's amazing.

I am pretty sure yall would be hooked, too...

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