the move goes on..


I hate the feeling, the emotion, the stress is causes.

We semi-quasi have the orders of our next duty station/adventure/life change.
I am not going to post them until it's official..and we can pout/celebrate/cry/pray/encourage/disagree then.
It's not what we expected, but did.
and it can possibly change..
and the date still isn't known.
We could move in two months, but it's more likely next 115 degree temperatures. {awesome}.
By then a multitude of things will have happened and my life will be turned upside-down in a few short months.
Stuff is going to be cleaned out and we'll start afresh paying off more debt like it's no one's business.
We've made a huge dent already, but there's still more to go.
If we DO get these orders as the e-mail states... then I shall be returning to college for my Master's program next fall, when I am 30.... and living in a different state and time zone. {hints along the way..}
I am exhausted from thinking about it, from trying to make my current friends understand and trying to make the best of every situation.
I hope I don't cry upon entering this new chapter of my life.
I did last time we moved :|