Movin on Down.

Well, we're moving again. The monitor has emailed the possibilities and will work on sorting out the positions and wants and desires starting FRIDAY. That is super soon. 

We had to put the list in order of preference. We're not concerned too much because we know that God does amazing things through these moves and puts us right where we NEED to be. We don't always WANT to be at a certian place, but needs outweigh wants. I mean who REALLY choose Yuma, AZ? However, it turns out it's AMAZING. I am so blessed and thrilled that I have been able to live in this place. Yes the summers are HOT and I can't get a job since I don't speak Spanish, but there was and is loads of learning going on. We made amazing friends and get to mentor youthins and learn new foods, and cultures. Plus the landscape is gorgeous{mountains}, the winters are favorable and overall, it's not too far away from anything. Hiking + Kayaking + cooler weather = one happy happy winter. 
You can see the Marine bottom left. :)

Black Mountain

So back to the list: it included places like Indianapolis, Greensboro, NC, Camp Lejeune, Camp Pendleton, Kbay Hawai'i, Okinawa Japan, 29 Palms. Yuma nor Quantico were on the list, which was interesting. Hawaii, Okinawa, and Japan were all on the BOTTOM of the list. While they would all be amazing to see, the cost of everything plus quarantining our Belle would not be worth it to us at this time. Belle is 7, almost 8. I am sure locking her in a cage away from us for SIX plus months would change her disposition and ours. It breaks my heart just thinking about it and we couldn't do that to her.  

 So now that we know we're heading out of our desert, we're thinking about all the things we have to do here, still:
Grand Canyon
Organ Pipe
Knott's Berry farm
Etc and that's if we're not staying west coast. If we're west coast for the next move, we'll have time because everything is close. Camp Pendleton is less than 3 hours away, 29 Palms is 4 depending on traffic and route.

God is just molding us and pruning us into the people He wants us to become through every move, every situation, every sway of the wind. Our praises sometimes wear out because we're too focused on ourselves, but eventually we're there standing and praising once again. Most of the time it takes us to our knees before we can stand up and praise once again, but eventually we do get there again...and we soar on wings like eagles.


prtrixie said…
That is my sweet "baby girl" always looking to grow in her relationship with God and inspiring others to do the same. I am so very proud of her and I thank God that He allowed me to be her mother and, in some sma;; way, help her on her way to becoming the AWESOME person she is today. I love you Jen. God will bless you and Chris where ever you end up!
Your Loving Mom