1. I am  auditioning to play drums on the church's worship team. It's craziness, but might.just.work.out.

2. I wish  That all my friends and church could follow us around the USA because my friend pool is getting quite large and it's hard to keep up with everyone. 

3. I like  The ocean, cool early mornings, stupidly funny (but not perverted) comedies, The Big Bang Theory (t.v. show), pizza, and blue eyes. 

4. I can make a difference in the world, even if it's just ONE person per day.

5. I hope and pray that I can make a difference in the youthins I teach; that God uses me to be the person they need to 'get it'. 

6. I think and overanalyze way too many things, but that's part of O.C.D, too. (or maybe just being a girl).

7. I was scared to audition and still am, but I know God's given me talents I have to use for Him to truly appreciate them.

Friday Fill-In