Black and White.
I have always loved the essence of black and white rooms. They're so simple and pretty and calming.
Somehow, I have stumbled upon having that here.
All the walls, doors, ceilings, and trim and the ubiquitous 'govt yellow' which is really an antique white that's in every.single base housing living quarters or new construction. It's a SAFE color apparently.

Well, with that and all my black furniture and accent pieces, the dining room has become black and white with splashes of color here and there. My dining room chairs are 2 black, 2 white. Except the white chairs have blue suede seats and I would like that change them out for a simple black and white fabric.

 I love this rug, The chevron look is the fabric I've been trying to find, but now that I've thought about it more, I may just paint all the chairs black and use cream colored cushions, like the pictures above.

But I just found an amazing yummy fabric online the choices are endless...
Tonic Living.   This site is amazing...


ThatArmyWife said…
I love the look of black and white rooms. I've never been able to put it together myself...I'm too drawn to reds and deep browns lol. But when done right, it's so striking!