Things I'm Loving.

David Crowder Band's New Song SHINE and it's video and lite-brite.
I am sure I'll be suggesting this song to play for Worship Band :D

Jalapeno Cheddar Cheetos. DELISH! 'Nuff Said.

And since I've been cleaning and cooking and cleaning like a mad woman lately, this stuff comes in handy and I LOVE the fresh scent it gives off. It's amazing without harsh chemical smell that I loathe.


Does anyone have any suggestions on Books? I need to start reading again instead of playing Backyard Monsters on Facebook...
I am currently reading Christian Atheist, but haven't picked it up in a couple months it seems...
I need something.. nourishing.

** I have not been paid to endorse these items, they're my own FREE WILL choices and likes** there. I said it.