30 Day Challenge {Day ONE}

I am participating in the 30 Days of Giving this November for selfish reasons. But I have come to accept that most giving is truly selfish. {I} get so much back from giving, that the stuff we give seems inadequate. 

Yesterday was BE THE CHURCH day for us. It was a fabulous way to kick-off this month long project of giving. Oasis Church of Yuma, AZ had service projects around the community instead of actually GOING to 'church'. I helped clean up the Colorado River area down by the confluence, finding many shotgun shells, pieces of beer bottles, tires, shingles, forgotten fire starters, etc. It was a great to be out doing something. We also had people helping with puppy adoptions @ PetSmart, people in the park handing out hotdogs and water bottles, people singing hymns to the folks in retirement places, people painting graffiti, people watching others' kids so they could participate, and more. It was amazing to see everyone come together and be active in the community. I think THIS is the kind of church Jesus meant it to be. People gathering in homes, investing in each other's lives, caring, nurturing, discipling, etc... I am so blessed to be a part of it. I thank God every day for putting us here, in the desert in Yuma. 

So I am involved in THIRTY days of giving. I am kicking it off by offering a simple list of things anyone can do!

  • Collect Coke Points/Rewards and Donate them to your local school, Toys for Tots, Rain Water for Africa, Best Buy's 15, etc.
  • Collect BOXTOP FOR EDUCATION and donate them to the local schools
  • Bake a batch of cookies and deliver to neighbors, church staff, kids' school
  • Make cupcakes & deliver
  • Pumpkin Bars
  • Soup
  • Lunch, whichever. 
  • Write a note of encouragement to someone you know by acquaintance 
  • Prepare your spouse's favorite meal
  • Buy flowers and deliver to someone other than yourself
  • Donate clothes, shoes, purses, home goods to people who need it instead of thrift stores
  • Give a dvd of family photos to family you haven't seen in awhile
  • Make a mini-scrapbook and give it away
  • Volunteer 
  • Attend a local High School Football and cheer on the youth from your church on the field, in the band, on the cheer squad.
  • Collect pop/soda can tabs and donate to local hospitals
  • Re-gift an encouraging book to a friend 
  • Donate old magazines to Nursing homes, hospitals, hospices, etc.
  • Plan a night-in with you favorite friends, giving them time/fellowship
  • Write your BFF a friendship note/letter of encouragement/Thank You note
  • Attend a movie, pay for the person behind you
  • Pump gas and pay extra for the next person
  • Wash someone's car
  • Collect Cans and donate the money
  • Pick up trash along the river, lake, ocean, highways, etc
  • Sing a 'music special" at church
  • Invite singles over for dinner
  • Serve Thanksgiving in a Mission
  • Offer to babysit for a family who is beyond stressed. 
  • Put extra quarters in the laundromat machines
  • Give a big tip,  a smile, and encouragement next time the waitress isn't friendly.
  • Donate unused/unopened extra toiletries to the local shelter
  • Donate blankets, towels, hats, gloves, pajamas to local shelter
  • Call a friend you haven't heard from in a while.
  • Send an e-greeting
  • Offer extra help around the church, YMCA, Gym, School, etc
  • Get to know Youth/children from church by taking them on a friendship date (with parental permission of course!)
  • Hold a diaper drive and donate to the Crisis Pregnancy Center
  • Sponsor a Child via Compassion or World Vision
  • Send a Starbucks Carafe of Coffee to your Dentist, Doctor, OBGYN, etc
  • Give time, talents, money, etc and you'll be amazed at how God opens your heart this month.
This list isn't all inclusive, but just options of things you can do to get started. I am starting today by giving this list out && I  also donated money for my Sponsored child, Joseph in Kenya to have a Christmas present   .{ I can't wait to get his letter after Christmas with descriptions, love, and encouragement in his little handwriting; what a true gift from God. }

Wont you join us and follow along on Facebook? There are hundreds of people giving time, talents, money, gifts of friendships, encouragement, commitments! It's simple, it's mostly free, and offers a chance to make a difference in people's LIVES.