Bet you didn't KNOW..

Your Thanksgiving Personality is Foodie

You love Thanksgiving, as long as it's done right. And that means no funky green jello salads.
Thanksgiving is all about the food for you, and you like it to be top notch. There's a good chance you do all the cooking... that is unless you dine out.

Your ideal Thanksgiving would include your favorite dishes, as well as a few funky new experimental favorites.
And it would also include friends and family who can appreciate good food as much as you do. No instant mashed potatoes lovers welcome!

But I also love the Holiday for what it stands for, too. I love the Thankful spirit and Honoring of being grateful and blessed. I don't like that Native Americans deem it as a day of mourning, but it's their right and we've taken so much away from them.

Humans are such savages. :\