I am addicted to JJ Heller's cd. Her voice is soothing and the lyrics are truly a love story to God. It's hard to find that in cds today between all the electric guitars, keyboards, drums, etc sometimes.
PAINTED RED is amazing. Check it out on itunes, you won't be disappointed.

Also, please pray for our Pastor Tom. God and Pastor Tom have a health battle to conquer and overcome together and it's not going to be an easy road for him, family, the church to witness it. Thank You.

But in other glorious news: Thanksgiving is THIS WEEK and we're going to give full Thanks to God and treat it as a day to glorify HIM for what this day means. It's a day set aside by George Washington to give thanks and supplication to the Father we have in Heaven... how did we get football and turkey out of that?

Oh, and I have the YUMA CRUD. yay for me, NOT.
It wont go away and I am sick of it.


Jessica said…
Hello! I found your blog from the Monday Military blog hop! My blog is http://lifewithalittleguy.blogspot.com/

I really like JJ Heller. Her song keep you safe brings tears to my eyes lol. I sing it to my son every night before bed. Of course not as good as she does, but he doesn't know that. Lol.
April said…
Thanks for linking up with Military Monday Blog Hop! I'm following you back now - see you next week :)

Ahhhh - I absolutely love your blog tag line. Hilarious!!!