Honest. Open. Transparent.

If we want lasting friendships, relationships, mentorships, we must utilize these three core words.
It's hard because we feel we need to hide things to make us look better, to not show weakness, to not display our "junk" for everyone to see. However, I challenge you to do it! Do it with those you trust, those you mentor, those you want to know better. Opening up and sharing parts of your life that other people don't know are what bond people together and help them understand and know you better.
If we as people can't be transparent with each other, how are we going to support you, encourage you, and pray for you when we don't KNOW you? These are questions I've been asking lately not only to my High School youthins, but to myself and my friends. We have been challenged at Oasis this week to really share prayer requests and really pray for those people earnestly. What works is word association. When I see all things camo, I am reminded to pray for my Husband and his fellow military members. When I see smoked salmon in the grocery store, I think of a BFF's Husband. It's a great way to be constantly praying and following through on those "I'll/I'm praying for you sayings we too often throw around.

This is my challenge to my friends and to myself this week...