{Stand and Salute}

It's Veteran's Day and the day after the United States Marine Corps' 235th Birthday.
USMC Birthday Ball 2010

The Marine and I participated in the local parade; I was a spectator and he was a road inspector guy. He cleared the side streets in case emergency vehicles needed to get through. (He's so handy to have around!)
It was a good parade, with LOADS of color guards...however in the crowd of people, Myself, two gentleman (One a veteran) and one I couldn't tell would stand to salute the United States Flags as they passed by.  The Marine would stand and salute and a lady behind him would PPPFFTTTT every time he saluted. I did not know this or I would have told her to leave MY country and think ugly random thoughts about her. (Just keeping it honest!)

Oh, and we now have a double jogging stroller and 4 chairs that someone left behind after the parade. I have to post it online to see if anyone is missing it (hopefully!) and if not..idk what to do with it.  :)

So THANK YOU Marines for 235 years of outstanding service to this country and THANK YOU Veterans for serving this great Country. It would not be the same place it is today without people willing to sacrifice everything for freedoms we take for granted....