Christmas is coming.

It's Friday which means fill-in time in bloggyworld as well as me cooking nom-noms for all my friends for tonight. I am also having a rehearsal for a murder mystery dinner tomorrow evening and have to practice stuttering. yay.

1. Holiday Spirit: Is the humbling of the gimmes and wants and focusing on the NEEDS of the less fortunate. He came to serve so we serve, too.

2. The Holidays are incomplete without: Christ, Church, giving, and the superficial: family, hot cocoa, cookies, decorated tree.

3.My favorite thing to do around the holidays: Listen to Christmas music, get crafting, baking Christmas cookies.

4. A holiday tradition my family and I have is: opening new pajamas on Christmas Eve and driving around the neighborhoods looking at all the lights. I also miss having a Birthday Party for Jesus at church and singing Silent Night with all the pretty candles lit. 

5. Holiday Music is: amazing. I love Oh Holy Night in any rendition. It's such a heart-warming song.  I also LOVE Trans-Siberian Orchestra and what they've done for Christmas Music.

6. This year I'll be spending the Holidays: Christmas is done at mum's house until we move away again.

7. Holiday Wish List:  to have official orders to know WHEN we're moving and make sure it's to the place we've been told, a new doggie bed for Belle, and maybe an upgraded cellular device. Ours are three years old and my buttons are wearing off... too much txting.