Cleanliness is next to.

Yesterday was the most random of all days.
The morning was pretty typical with church activities and greeting/signing children into their classrooms at the Splash Zone. I do that about once a month and love getting to know all the children and parents. It's rewarding.

Anyhow..afterwards we all talked and chatted after entertaining the Lord's Supper together. It was a reminder of the things that are precious in our lives are not THINGS. I love those moments in life. We also met another young couple at church. However, with the whole USMC rank structure and the wife "not getting it" she intro'd my husband as his RANK at CHURCH!!! No, this is false false false. You're at CHURCH, not work...there's no rank. (technically there is, but cmon we don't make a huge deal that the Hubby is blah blah rank). This automatically made us un-friends. How nice, right?

SO The random part was we upgraded our phones. We now own Dell Streak's. Google it, they're HUGE. Giant even. The screen itself is 5 inches. It looks silly when people call us. Thankfully blue tooth headsets are amazing and will read texts to me while driving..wahooo.

AND another random side note: I broke my text record. I successfully sent 14, 873 texts last month! :O
Not 1400, FORTEEN THOUSAND!! And that's with one of my amigos getting a job that prohibits texting while at work the past several weeks.  EEPs.


Anonymous said…
I'm a new fololwer... found you on Military Monday Blog Hop!

Just wanted to say... 14 THOUSAND texts?! LOL That is INSANE! And I thought I was a big texter... girl, you just put me to Nice to meet you, I'm a fellow Marine Corps wife. :)

~Sabrina from
Kristy said…
Hey - I found you on the military blog hop!

14,000+ texts? WOW! It's a good thing your bluetooth will read them out loud for you. If you get as many replys back, you may get carpal tunnel in your thumb from pressing buttons (:

Lindsey said…
I'm your newest follower from Military Monday Blog Hop!
Would love to have you follow me back!