Pretty Lights

This is what runs through my head as I am driving to get a thirstbuster (44oz) diet pepsi for my Marine and one for myself while also picking up some redbox movies...

Aww, look at all the pretty Christmas lights. It still doesn't feel like Christmas with 80 degree temperatures looming over us (which technically I LOOOVE, perfect hiking weather!) Wow, that's a LOT of lights, I wonder how much that costs to purchase, operate, store, and deal with every.single.year.  It's gotta be a significant amount.  ...
I wonder what would happen if ALL these houses decided to not put up lights, but instead give money to fix the water problems in Africa, Asia, South America... how much would that change peoples' lives instead of focusing on ourselves and the fancy wrapping papers, the cookies, the weight gain, etc. 


*asks hubbi upon returning home*

Hubbi's technological response : "it doesn't take much money to operate the lights for a single month...MAYBE $5.00" "And IF they did donate their monies, it wouldn't fix the problems permanently, it would be a short term solution because where would the people get money for the upkeep, repairs, etc" 

"Job security for engineers in the area PLUS, it creates jobs for those willing to learn to fix them. Giving isn't a one-time thing typically" 

"Yes, but you can't expect people to give up their stuff that makes Christmas"

And here I am to ask WHY NOT?

Our true gift has been given to us, why can't we be satisfied with that? Why do we feel like we HAVE to have more stuff just because it's a "wicked good deal" right now. Why are advertisers and sales tempting us beyond measures to buy buy buy. Why have we let Christmas become a circus and NOT a celebration of one of TWO of the best things in HISTORY happen (birth and resurrection!)
Source   {{I love this picture}}

I am almost tempted to forgo all traditions like Christmas cards, meaningless gifts, and MAKE a difference. God is waiting for us to change. I feel like something like a surge of 'Christmas with the Kranks" coming on, but bigger. Much Bigger.