We'll find a cup of Cheer.

Christmas is over. At least the holiday is, the season lasts till about December 31st and we all get into a new groove of the brand new Year. I still have my Christmas decorations up and will probably put them away this week. While putting them all away, I'll go through and finally donate those I've not used in YEARS! I have close to TEN Rubbermaid Christmas totes full of holiday decor and that's not including the Christmas trees. That' RIDICULOUS! Simplify.

I also have a disaster zone currently in my office. There is NO other way to describe it, really. You can MAYBE see two feet of flooring in it... It's the catch-all room and is becoming a black hole. I've lost Christmas presents in it this year! It's crazy.

I do have to say that I am simplifying things this week. Christmas was low key both on the activities prospect and presents aspect. People didn't NEED more 'stuff' so we tried to get gifts we KNEW they wanted as well as could actually USE. Some call that boring, I call it utilitarian.

We were blessed beyond anything this year, too. Our friends here became closer, our friends in NC became parents (we became godparents), our family grew by a new nephew and niece this year, and everyone seemed to add a couple pets to the mix as well. The Marine also met his dad after all these years. He finally met his grandparents again and little half brother. That's been such a blessing as he doesn't feel as rejected anymore. He's such an amazing guy. <3

SO, this year has been amazing, yet difficult in it's own twists. We have learned to lean on each other and know each other again. After 9 years of deployments, tdys, schoolings, Mojave Vipers, etc we finally get to live as a married couple together without any of that looming over our heads. It's been weird that we're the ones "left behind" while the unit has deployed TWICE now. And yet another reason why I don't have military wives as friends here... the ones who HAVE deployed, it's the first deployment and they don't understand why MY Marine didn't have to go. I should kindly explain that after THREE deployments, I think it's decent enough to NOT have him deployed...but I don't. I sympathize because I've been there all before.

Good-Bye 2010. You were good to us and taught us many things. I am looking forward to 2011 for the new fresh starts we all take for granted. New Year, New YOU! Anything is possible.